Lunar Love.

The Moon.

Mother Moon.

La Luna.

Twice a month, I hold a little, quiet ritual. I don’t use Ouija Boards, I don’t hex anyone, I don’t make poisonous concoctions over a cauldron.  I say ‘I wish and I desire’ and ‘I’m listening and I trust you’ to the Universe, with a little bit of burning and a few crystals plopped in a bowl placed very carefully under my tree out the back in full view of the open night sky. Yeesh, even typing this out I am envisioning myself adorned with flowing hair, a flower crown, dolled up in a goddess style dress. Alas, usually, its just done in my pj’s and some odd socks and I am lucky if I have brushed hair. But this is totally OK.

I have always, as long as I can remember, been interested and felt connected with the WooWoo. This includes the planets, astrology, and Full Moons. Once, I even brought up the courage to do a nude cartwheel under a Full Moon! (Yes, I am telling the truth. Yes it was nippy *pun intended. No, we shan’t discuss it now.) Oh, I can hear my oldest sister hooting with laughter at me right now, she thinks it’s absolutely hilarious and promptly reminds me any chance she gets. And to be honest, it still does make me chuckle at the craziness of how it must appear to someone else other than my fellow WooWoo-ers.

As I began to notice the cycles of the moon, I picked up on the ebb and flow of my energy levels, emotions, hormones and creativity. I wanted to learn more about what was going on with my body and my mind so I started to look more into it when I came across a podcast featuring Dr Ezzie Spencer. The Podcast is called the Priestess Podcast hosted by Julie Parker and you can listen to it here.  Julie gives the perfect introduction for this episode on the webpage…”Dr Ezzie Spencer is a speaker, coach and author of An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon. As the creator of Lunar Abundance® – a lunar-inspired, holistic self-care practice — Ezzie helps thousands of women cultivate self-worth, confidence and wellbeing. Lunar Abundance supports women to cultivate peace, stability, purpose and effectiveness in life and work. ” I promptly bought the book and jumped right in.

I am still a novice at all of this, however since starting to recognise even just the New Moon and the Full Moon and when they occur started to help me put my chaotic life in a little bit more order.

Think of a new moon as a birth. A beginning. A fresh slate. What do you want for the next month? What are you dreaming of? What do you want to create or manifest? What do you want to give life to? All of these things, I write down. I reflect on the month that has just gone, and if its been a whopping couple of months, I think back as far as I need to. I set my intentions about how I want to feel going forward and how I’m going to get to where I want to be, feeling how I want to feel. I jot everything I’m thinking down on my notepad.

And then, I give it to the Universe. I usually get out my crystals, a candle and my pendulum.  If there aren’t any fire bans, I usually take the notes I have written out the back to my magic wishing tree (laugh all you want- but see below), and burn them.  I try to really tune in to how I’m feeling and how I want my body and my mind to feel going forward for that month. I lay the ashes out under the stars, with my crystals and pendulum (these remain there overnight). I close my eyes, usually face up to the sky and thank the Universe for giving me another month. Another day. Another minute on this planet.

For the next two weeks, as often as possible I try to remember what it is I asked for and really work on it. I take steps to feel how I want to feel. I actually physically act on and support my wants and needs and do what I can to make them flourish. Sometimes they blossom, sometimes they don’t.

A Full Moon is more like a releasing or a putting to rest– I must note here- it is not a death. It is simply the time to either accept that what I wanted at the New Moon isn’t happening for me this month, or I accept that it is, and I now take the time to slow down and trust in the next two weeks. I do a very similar ritual, with writing things down, but at the full moon I make note of things I want to let go of. Forgive people. Forgive myself. Let go of stress. Worry. Fear. Doubt. And just surrender. I find that during a full moon I am usually synced up with one of my girlfriends or sisters and losing the plot anyway- but this tension and build up happens for men too. It just manifests in different ways.

It has taken time, but I am gradually teaching myself to surrender to the overwhelm, and this is one of the best ways I know how. I like to take the time to draw a Goddess Guidance card for the moment (or the month) to give me some inspiration and words of wisdom and if I’m feeling really in need of help and support, I will pull out my tarot and give myself a reading. Sometimes, I will have a bath with some essential oils, and write my notes down while surrounded by bubbles (of the bath and fizzy kind) and candles before heading outdoors to set fire to the shit that’s holding me back and hopefully not start a bush fire.


NB: This time of month is a great time to cleanse crystals under the full moon light- they can sit on a windowsill if the weather (or your neighbours for that matter) are precarious, and you don’t want things to be blown away or stolen.  

As I have said before, I am definitely no expert. But what I do know, I believe in. And what I believe in is something that keeps things moving forward for me. In a life with constant health, financial, emotional and personal challenges, its good to have something to regularly come back to and ground me.

Tonight is a very rare Blood Blue Moon Eclipse (what a mouthful!). Not sure what this means for you?
you can read all about this special event on many pages, but I like this one on AstroStyle.comFor those of you not so into the WooWoo, and more in to the science, you can read about it on the ABC website.

My parting gift to you for this post is from the beautiful people at Forever Conscious – this is what they have to say on the matter:

“Eclipses always come in cycles, and this Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is linked to the Eclipses back in February and August of 2017. This means that whatever lessons or themes were brewing for you around that time are now coming to an end, and you will be able to bring closure and resolution to those energies. Think back to what was stirring for you especially during the Total Solar Eclipse that happened on August 21st, 2017. It is likely that whatever the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse brought into your life is now being wrapped up, resolved and put to rest.”

I’m off to do some major cleansing, letting go, surrendering and thanking.